Boiler Repair, Servicing & Installation

At Chiltern Heating & Gas Services we are experts in boiler servicing, repairs and installations. We are experienced in working with heat-only, system and combi boilers and are ready to help. If you are unsure which boiler you have, take a look at our explanations below. If you require any help with your boiler please give us a call. We are ready to visit customers in the High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire area.


Heat Only Boiler


This boiler heats the radiators and a water cylinder in order to give you hot water. It requires a feed tank, usually situated in the loft and an ‘open vent’ safety pipe to remove air from the system and allow a path for the system water if there is a blockage.


System Boiler


The same as a heat only boiler. However this operates as a mains fed sealed system with pressure sensors and relief valves instead of feed tanks and ‘open vent’ pipes. These boilers also have the circulating pump built in to them. They are ideal for boiler replacements in lofts or where the original pipework configuration and wiring is so dated that a normal heat only boiler would not be possible without a lot of extra work and upheaval to the customer.


Combi Boiler


These boilers require no tanks and no cylinders. They heat the mains water directly on its way to your tap. Combi boilers are big space savers and offer instant hot water. The mains flow rate to the property has to be over 20 litres a minute at peak times. If not the water supply cannot handle all the extra taps it has to feed and will, for example, struggle to supply a shower and a kitchen tap at the same time.


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