Boiler, Central Heating & Radiator Repairs

Chiltern Heating & Gas Services are able to come to your home a perform repair work on your central heating, including boiler repair and radiator repair. A Gas Safe registered engineer can visit your home in the High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire area, find offending faults and perform repairs.


No matter what the time of year a boiler or heating system breakdown can be a huge inconvenience. We have a wealth of experience diagnosing and repairing boilers and heating systems. Whether it’s a stuck radiator valve, a water leak or a complex boiler-wiring fault, Chiltern Heating & Gas Services can certainly take care of it for you.


As well as the boiler itself there are plenty of other components within the heating system: the programmer/timer, central heating thermostat, hot water cylinder thermostat, pump, zone valves and the hot water cylinder itself.


All of these can develop faults like going out of calibration, demanding the boiler fire up when there is no demand for it or to just seizing through inactivity.


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